Dare To Be Different

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    If you want to live it forward and become a great leader, you have to dare to be different. The reason? Most worthwhile goals require you to swim upstream. And let’s face it, swimming upstream is more challenging than floating downstream.

    Is there an area in your life you want to see improvement? An area where you want to show up and shine so that you stand out from the crowd? Then ask yourself the following three questions…

    3Questions to Help
    You Show Up and Shine
    Every Day

    Why do I want to get better -
    ? in this area

    Thought: Most people float downstream because it’s the easiest alternative. No effort is required. On the other hand, it takes courage and strength to swim against the current. That’s why determining your “why” before diving in is so important. It gives you strength for the swim ahead.

    Action Step: Write down your “why” and put it in a place where you’ll read it every single day.

    What positive affects will you -
    see in your life by improving in this
    ? area

    Thought: Your “why” is your mission. It’s the reason you dare to be different. This question is your vision. It’s the results you will achieve by becoming different.

    Action Step: Reading your mission and vision together is more powerful, so write down the answer to this question and post it alongside of your

    What one action can you take -
    this week to get one percent better
    ? in this area

    Thought: Massive change is the sum total of lots of small changes over time.

    Action Step: Don’t think Top 10 List. Don’t even think two or three actions. Focus on improving in just one area by just one percent each week. Do this and within a matter of months you’ll be shocked at how you stand out from the crowd and
    ! how well you show up and shine
    Dare To Be Different
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