! The Best Plan of Attack

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    Doing Nothing Is Often the Best Plan of Attack.

    Sometimes, the best advice is actually to do nothing. So what do I mean by this?

    Well in some situations, generally more challenging ones, we can get ourselves really bent out of shape over a particular situation, pulling ourselves apart over the "what might happen" or "what could be" possibilities, very few of which we have any control over.

    Sometimes, we simply need to take a step back and let the situation unfold. This might mean getting more clarity or more information to help you make a decision or perhaps to let one path become more clear than the others. Often taking the mental step back is enough to get things moving.

    what sometimes appears as the very worst possible situation is actually just a transition into something better. You simply have to let it play out.

    if you are going through a tough time, and everything is kind of OK now, but you are facing uncertainly about the future, and you are getting more and more confused emotionally about the issues or the opportunity, perhaps now is the time to do nothing. Step back, create some mental space and see what happens. You might be surprised.
    ! The Best Plan of Attack
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    relay now the opportunity time to doing no thing only leave every thing going as route dont dig deep leave it
    everything will be ok

    ILiked it

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