! A Season For Everything

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    If you’ve struggled with having to say no to taking on a new responsibility especially if it’s for a good cause and directly related to helping others. We may have sound reasons for carefully selecting our priorities. Yet sometimes, by not agreeing to do more, we may feel guilty or we may think that somehow we have failed in
    our walk of faith.

    But according to wisdom recognizes that everything in life has its own season __ in human activities as in the realm of nature.

    Perhaps you are getting married or becoming a parent for the first time. Maybe you are leaving school and entering the workforce, or moving from fulltime work to retirement. As we move from season to season, our priorities change. We may need to put aside what we did in the past and funnel our energy into something else.

    When life brings changes in our circumstances and obligations, we must responsibly and wisely discern what kind of commitments we should make, seeking in whatever we do
    .to do all to the glory of Allah

    I liked it.*

    ! A Season For Everything
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